Thursday, September 16, 2010

You and Me-Lifehouse

Words cannot describe how much I l o v e this song! It's one those songs that you can't help but smile to :) And yes I know it is sappy and corny but whenever I hear the chorus my heart is flying through the clouds. :P Lifehouse sounds soooo amazing in their slow songs, anyone who agrees with me can I get an "amen"? lol Enjoy!


Kit-Kat said...

Amen sistah! ^.^ (wow I feel like I'm at steubenville ::P)
Such a beautifulbeautiful song. <3

Anonymous said...

AMEN! His voice sounds like David Cooks sorta.... =) Cute song!


Amy Dea said...

Very nice. I love that the sweet guy can't keep his eyes off of me. Isn't that sweet.

Camille said...

It is sweet! I love this song! <3