Friday, September 17, 2010

Discombobulate-Hans Zimmer

Oh dear. ♥ ^.^ Nothing could be better than this song. So intense. So exciting. Can't you just feel the adrenaline???

Good movie too. Seriously. If I was a monkey, I would give it 4 thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

Is it JUST instrumental? Really? You must really be in love with this movie...oh yeah remeber YOU ARE! *hand2face*


Kit-Kat said...

A good composer doesn't need words to create a beautiful song. ::) Haven't you ever listened to LOTR music? <3

Amy Dea said...

I did not like the movie. In fact I really disliked the movie. Sorry, I don't like the music much.

Anonymous said...

No well yes a little but ya know it makes you fall asleep....LOL! =) I fell in love with Dear Vienna & i'll Meet You There!!! There my favorite Owl City songs ever! and in my favorites list! i also now like Come's so sad and lovely and is Another of my songs! And I claimed it NO stealing!


lenore said...

Hans Zimmer is a GENIUS!!

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, I love Come Home. It needs to be on this blog!

Oh, and this song is pretty sweet!! :)