Friday, September 3, 2010


This is Skillet. There a Christian band that sings hard music. T'is a band that I never used to like because of the "scream-o-ness' (this really isn't even screamo compared to other things). In this past year I have greatly broadened my taste/tolerence of different musics. Like country music. For a while there I was one of those people that go "COUNTRY! EWWWWWWW!!!" But some of my favorite songs now are country. Same goes for this band right here. This is probabaly my favorite song by them. I love the sound and it's just really intense and full of emotion.


Anonymous said...

thank you for standing up for country lovers!!! XD But i have to say i can't stand when people prejudice against differnent types of really depends on the song beacuae i like country but there are songs i really opinion! =)


Kit-Kat said...

I agree. I used to be j u s t like that, sadly. It all depends on the artist, really. And even then you could love one song by a person and hate another.
Moral of the story: never clump music categories into like/dislike groups.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! Well actually i think it depends on the song....Example: Switchfoot i bought a cd of 12 songs by them and all of them were HORRIBLE not kidding except 4....
and those 4 are very awesome