Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dental Care-Owl City

There are a few reasons I post this song on this particular day. Reason one is beacuase my family has had a bit of experiance with dentists and Orthodontists recently. -.- The other reason is a sort of apology for not posting songs as often as I used to. You see, I'm taking driver's ed and It's eating away my life!!! But anyways, this line:

"Golf and alcohol don't mix/and that's why I don't drink and drive"

makes me think of driver's ed. I know it isn't talking about actual driving (it's talking about golf . . . get it, drive? Like as in golf . . . . ) but yeah. lol.


lenore said...

Thank you for explaining that to me. I never did understand that line :P

Kit-Kat said...

lol. You're welcome. I had to google it. XD